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My Review:

Grief is a very personal emotional, that everyone experiences at some point in time during their life. Although there are countless books, websites and articles written on the subject the majority of them have a cold tone or are a personal essay that may be hard for the reader to connect with. Most that are seeking help during their grieving process are in need of a perspective that is both professional and personal.
Someone died… now what? offers that to the reader, allowing them to bond with the author through her own experience in dealing with the grief she faced after the death of her brother, while offering helpful ways to cope and move forward. 
Of course reading through tear soaked eyes is difficult to
say the least and one of the things that I loved most about the setup of the book is the easy to read flow. Throughout the pages you can find bullet point lists and charts so you can quickly gain information that includes what needs to be done with the deceases person’s assets.  Because lets face it, when you’re in an emotional state your frazzled mind won’t be focused on the practical things that need to done.  
It also has a chapter that gives insightful advice on how to help a grieving child heal from trauma of losing a loved one.
After reading through the book, I can honestly say that I wish I had this resource after the death of my grandfather. It covers the many emotions that are encountered ranging from depression to guilt and gives helpful advice on how to get past the unhealthy emotions associated with death so you can find a sense of peace.
I would highly recommend this book to anyone looking to find peace after the death of a loved one.

Book Description for :

Someone Died… Now What? is a GPS for grieving. Corrie Sirota provides Guidance, Perspective and Support to help navigate through the grief process. Whether someone you love has died or someone you know is struggling with a loss, this book addresses many of the issues and questions that surface, providing concrete assistance on what to do immediately following a death, how to deal with feelings of sadness, anger and guilt, non-death losses and how to support grieving children. You will learn that grief is an ongoing process, and is as unique and individual as you are.

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Author's Bio:

Corrie Sirota holds a Masters degree in Social Work as well as a Graduate Certificate in Loss and Bereavement from McGill University (Montreal) where she has been teaching as a lecturer in the School of Social Work for over 20 years. Corrie is a licensed psychotherapist who currently maintains a private practice specializing in Loss and Bereavement, Parenting issues and Relationship issues. She is a well-known lecturer who regularly presents at conferences and workshops, both locally and abroad. Working in the Montreal Community for over 2 decades, Corrie has developed numerous prevention and intervention programs for families, children and professionals, students and various community agencies as well as Day and Residential Camps.

Corrie has also written numerous articles and blog posts and is regularly interviewed on local radio, news and TV programs to consult on issues relating to loss and bereavement, Child Development and Parenting.

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Author Interview:

1) There are many books out there about death and dying. What makes yours different?
A number of the literature related to death and dying are written from either a clinical perspective or a very personal perspective. Someone Died…Now What? contains both of those elements. I feel the personal piece helps readers relate to me on a human level and then the professional knowledge offers evidence based support rather than only my personal opinion. It’s honest, it’s real and genuine – modeled after the manner in which I practice.

2) What made you write a book about death and dying -
As described in the introduction of my book, my only sibling, Andy (26) was killed in a hit and run accident on Dec 3 1988. Despite already working in the helping profession as a social worker, this loss changed the way I saw the world, the work I did and quite honestly – who I was. This transformation then sparked my interest in helping others through similar situations. Unfortunately, most people resist seeking support. Therefore, I decided it was time I developed a way that I could reach out to them. Someone Died…Now What is my way of doing just that.

3) If you’re a mom writer, how do you balance your time?
I am blessed with an exceptionally supportive family. At the same time, I have always ensured that any project I am involved with does not interfere with the needs of my family. Now that my children are older (23 & 21) they are busy with their lives, so I seem to have more time to do projects. Nevertheless, they still continue to support me and assist with my work (they all took a very active role in helping with the launch of my book) so that it became a family project.

4) If there is one thing you want readers to remember about you, what would it be?
That I believe we are all capable of overcoming adversity. That I am no different than anyone else – If I can take a tragedy and make something positive out of it – so can everyone else. That it takes courage and hard work – but you can and you will find you way and IF you don’t believe me…just read my book!

5) What’s the most courageous thing you’ve ever done?
It would be a tie between writing this book and standing up in front a large audience and sharing my personal story. It’s not easy to put yourself “out there” especially when as a clinician one is trained not to “self disclose.” No one wants to appear vulnerable – however when we open ourselves up to others we send a very important message to those who are hurting; no one is immune, we can all hurt, but we can also all heal.


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