Bowler Hat Review

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My kids love playing dress up and my son is obsessed with hats. My daughter has a ton of girly dress up items which my son wanted nothing to do with so I was on a mission to even out the playing field. When I seen this hat I knew it was right up his alley and something that he would love. Once the package arrived I knew my hunch was correct as I was pulling it out and his little face lit up. He proudly put it on and couldn’t wait to go pick out something to wear with it.

The hat is made of a felt material which I must say, attracts the hair of our white long haired cat like a magnet. Even though the hat is sized for an adult my toddler is able to wear it without it flying off as he’s running around. So far the hat has held up to insane amounts of use and become one of my little guy’s favorite dress up pieces.  

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Disclaimer: I received this product in exchange for my honest unbiased opinion.