Stretch Mark and Scar Cream with Moringa Oil and Shea Butter Review

7:45 PM Nikki Stange 0 Comments

Although I may not be self-conscious of my scars and stretch marks, it doesn’t mean that I like them. In fact, I would prefer them to go away which is why I love using moisturizers that have the added benefit of fading scars and stretch marks.

Moringa oil is touted for its healing properties so I was excited about trying a moisturizer that contained it.  Once it arrived I opened it right away. First of all it has a very strong smell, I’m assuming from the moringa oil. The scent does fade after a while but I still would not recommend this to someone who is sensitive to scents or is prone to migraines.

Now with that aside, It is a very creamy lotion that seriously hydrates your skin without leaving it with a greasy feel or a sticky film. I am unsure how quickly it will fade stretch marks but I intend to continue using it to find out. I actually do like this product and I only use a tiny amount to minimize the scent and it still moisturizes well.

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Disclaimer: I received this product for free in exchange for my honest unbiased review.