Coverplug Paintable Outlet Cover Review & Giveaway

8:04 PM Nikki Stange 1 Comments

My son seems to gravitate towards electrical outlets and it’s like he takes the small outlet covers as a challenge which he gladly accepts. Every time I turn around, he B lines it straight to the nearest outlet and yanks the covers off with an accomplished look on his adorable little face, defeating the purpose of “child proofing in the first place”.

Coverplug uses the out of site out of mind philosophy. It comes with two covers that you can paint to match the color of your wall and then you simply slide the cover into the outlet and it completely hides the outlet and looks great. I was initially nervous that the change would make him more curious, seriously it was too the point I had to put duct tape over the outlet covers to keep him from taking them out, but he actually didn’t notice them at all!

They are great and I wish we had gotten them sooner!

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Disclaimer: I received this product for free in exchange for my honest unbiased review.
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