Arrow Eagle Archery Children's Kid's Toy Bow and Arrow Dart Playset Review

11:51 AM Nikki Stange 0 Comments

This is a cute set for smaller children to still be able to be able to safely learn archery skills. It took my daughter a while to figure out how to line up the slit at the end of the arrow for the bow string but then again she is only 3 and once she figured it out the look of accomplishment on her face was awesome. She was so proud of herself and she has had so much fun trying to shot the small target that comes with it. She loves walking around with her cowgirl hat and bow and arrow fighting off the bad guy aka her 1 year old little brother. It’s a fun toy that has held up to repeated use and produced hours of fun.

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Disclaimer: I received this product in exchange for my honest unbiased opinion.