Swaddlez Bamboo Crib Mattress Protector Review

6:48 PM Nikki Stange 0 Comments

After looking for a crib mattress protector that not only offered optimum protection but was also safe for my son, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to try the Swaddlez bamboo crib mattress protector.

Unlike the majority of crib mattress protectors, swaddlez uses thermoplastic polyurethane, also known as TPU instead of PVC/vinyl as the water proof layer. TPU does not contain any plasticizers and therefor does not outgas or leach and is biodegradable. It is also free of phthalate and lead. The absorbent layer is a terry cloth comprised of 77% bamboo fiber and 23% polyester. Bamboo is a highly absorbent material and doesn’t hold odors the way other fabrics may. Its machine washable but I only dry it on low heat in the dryer or hang it up to air dry to prevent any damage to the waterproof layer.

There was no odd or plastic smell after I opened it, and the bamboo material felt very soft. It has deep pockets so it fits snugly and securely onto the mattress and the fitted sheet fit perfectly over it. The pad didn’t add much bulk and my son was able to sleep comfortably.  I feel good about using a mattress protector that has been made by a company committed to using safe materials for infants.

  • Highly absorbent
  • Doesn’t leach chemicals
  • Fits snuggly on mattress
  • Machine washable
  • Won’t hold odors
  • Keeps mattress in great condition
  • Stops leaks

The swaddlez bamboo crib mattress protector is a great option for parents wanting to keep their infants mattress like new while keeping their baby safe from harsh chemicals.

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Disclamier:I received this product in exchange for my honest unbiased review.