Cashmere Falls Argan Oil

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I’m a huge fan of Argan oil and I was recently given the chance to try Cashmere Falls heavenly hydration oil. I went into it expecting the same results I’ve had from other brands I’ve used. After the first use I was sold… seriously where has this been all my life?  My hair looked A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!

Imagine all of the hair product commercials and magazine ads with the gorgeous models with the ultra-shiny, every strand in place, perfect hair that makes you envious and want to run right out and buy that product. Well I think most women have fallen into that trap (I know I have). You buy the product expecting the incredible hair you seen on the model. Only you end up with hair that looks greasy instead of shiny or weighed down and lifeless. The only thing left to do is call it a loss and rewash your hair. I am happy to say this is not one of those products!

What’s unique about this oil is that unlike other Argan oil is it’s not thin and runny, instead it a thicker consistency that allows you to get all of the product through your hair without the mess.

After I laid my son down for his afternoon nap I was able to indulge in some mommy time and pamper myself. Meaning I grabbed the baby monitor, rushed to the shower, frantically washed my hair while repeatedly hearing phantom cries that caused me to panic and get soap in my eyes. I applied about a dime size amount in my palm and rubbed the oil throughout my damp hair. I then added a small amount more just to my ends. I allowed my hair to air dry (as to not wake the sleeping baby with the blow dryer.) Once dry I styled my hair by running a straightener through it and that was when I realized just how awesome my hair looked. By the time I was done my hair bouncy and beautiful! There was so much shine and almost zero frizz, not to mention how incredibly soft my hair was, I could not stop running my hand through it!  

My three year old daughter even looked at me and sad “Mommy you look pretty” which then prompted my husband to look up and state “She’s right your hair looks great, what did you do?” I couldn't stop smiling I felt confident and loved my hair. Even better the sleek and shine lasted until my next hair wash (I go three days between washes or my hair gets dry) without causing it to get greasy looking quickly.

·       Organic
·       Incredible softness
·       Radiant Shine
·       Eliminates frizz
·       Long lasting results
·       Made in the USA   

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This product is excellent for everyone who wants beautiful hair with minimal work.

Disclaimer: I received this product in exchange for my honest review.