Elleda Vitamin C Serum Review

9:46 PM Nikki Stange 0 Comments

It’s common knowledge that taking a Vitamin C supplement boosts your immune system, but did you know that applying it externally had amazing anti-aging benefits for your skin? I know I didn’t until I had the chance to try it for myself.

Vitamin C serum works to stimulate collagen production making your skin appear younger. When you pair it with hydraulic acid vitamin E and jojoba oil, you then have a concoction that is sure to make your skin look amazing.

The product has a light scent that sort of smells like cloves to me, but not to worry once the serum dries the scent fades quickly. At first the serum made my skin feel slightly sticky but then faded into a smooth velvety finish. I really like the way my skin looks and feels after using it and I look forward to seeing the way it improves my skin long term.

Made in the US and not tested on animals
Paraben and Sulfate free
Gives your skin a fresh and hydrated look
Makeup goes on easily over it

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Disclaimer: I received this product in exchange for my honest unbiased review.