My Little Big Pillow Review

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My three year old needed a thinner pillow because the standard one she had was too big and most nights she didn’t even sleep on it because it hurt her neck and kept her up tossing and turning.

My little big pillow is designed so toddlers can have a comfortable nights rest and I knew it was exactly what we needed.

The pillow arrived in a thick plastic bag. The first thing I noticed was how soft and plushy the pillow was. I couldn’t stop petting it! The filling is organic, and I love that I know my daughter isn’t breathing in harmful gases while she sleeps.

My only issue is that the pillow had a strong plastic smell from being in the bag. I washed the cover, which got rid of the plastic scent but was afraid that I would ruin the pillow by washing it so I just left it to air out hoping the smell would go away so she could use it that night. Unfortunately it ended up taking about a week to totally dissipate.

She slept great the first night with her new pillow. It elevated her head up comfortably and because of how soft it is, I’m sure it was like sleeping on a cloud. The next morning she announced she loved her new pillow!

I definitely recommend it and plan on purchasing another one when my son is old enough for his first pillow.

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Disclaimer: I received this product in exchange for my honest unbiased opinion.