Silicon Devices Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Review

2:13 PM Nikki Stange 0 Comments

Life with two kids is hectic, especially now that my son is starting to walk. Running is my go to outlet for stress relief, where I can put in headphones and just take some time for me. The problem is that the headphones I was using would fall out of my ears constantly. Here to save the day are the Silicon Devices Wireless Bluetooth Headphones.

The headphones have three buttons that perform multiple functions, the volume up/down and the connect/power button. Of course the buttons with one click are straight forward, but if you hold down the volume down button it will skip to the next song and vice versa for volume up. By pressing the connect/power button once it will dial the most recent person you called or answer incoming calls. You are even able to activate your phones virtual assistant i.e. Siri for iPhone or google if your using android by holding the power button. It also has a convenient carrying case to store your headphones and accessories when not in use. 

They are wireless, which enables me to connect to my phone without dealing with the cord getting tangled. They fit comfortably and come with soft silicone attachments that wrap around your ear above the earbud, keeping them in place no matter what activity your doing. The attachments come in three different sizes that allow you to get a custom fit. The sound quality is pristine and I'm able to wear them for for long periods without my ears feeling uncomfortable or painful.

A few cons I have found are placement of the buttons on the right headphone are very easy to hit and I've made a few accidental phone calls while trying to put the headphones in my ear. I also wish it had a better battery life, I'm able to get maybe 2-3 hours before the low battery light comes on which isn't so much a problem if your using them during only for work outs...  seriously who has the kind of time to work out more than 2-3 hrs? 

All in all they are a really great product and I do recommend them they have made my runs easier because I'm no longer having to stop and find the dangling ear piece or constantly readjust them.  

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Disclaimer: I received this product in exchange for my honest unbiased review.